Production Insights

  • Peru ranks amongst the world’s great centers of ancient civilization and has one of the richest biodiversities on earth.

  • A press visa is recommended for any crew entering Peru with equipment. Press visas are free and can be easily obtained through the Peruvian embassy in your country. 

  • Peru is not an ATA carnet country but bringing in your gear is generally a very easy, hassle-free process.

  • Locations, talent, and service costs are inexpensive but since little filming infrastructure exists much of the key crew and equipment must be brought in from abroad.

Peru Experts within Romero&Braas

Romero&Braas: produced in Peru

German “Lederhosen” Expert Engelbert and Michael from deep within Germany swap jobs for a week with Catalina and Nancy from Peru. In traditional Garments they will learn how to create local apparel as well as dive deep into local customs.