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Production Insights

  • When it comes to permitting, allow yourself some time. We have very good relationships with the Mexican Film Commission and can proceed a little bit quicker than other production companies. An average time estimate to consider for a location is about 2-3 weeks. You can ask for an emergency permit, but that often comes at a higher price. Some locations are free but others, like cultural heritage sites, take up to a month to permit and are expensive. 

  • For productions looking to bring in film equipment, Mexico is an ATA carnet country. If you bring lighter equipment, there is no need for an ATA carnet.

  • Mexico has 74 airports (11 nationals and 63 internationals) - its’ capital, Mexico City, is a 3 hour flight from Los Angeles and a 5 hour flight from New York. Mexico is a large country and flight is required to travel between all major cities. 

  • For shooting with drones, Mexico requires that you have a certified Mexican drone permit, a foreign/international drone permit is not valid. We work with local drone operators who have a standing permit.

Mexico Experts within Romero&Braas

Romero and Braas: produced in Mexico

Conservation International commissioned us for a series of three short documentary pieces detailing their relationship with Starbucks and the challenges facing coffee. Each film is told through the eyes of a Starbucks partner. POST PRODUCTION Stept Studios TALENT Sergio Alvarez CLIENT Conservation International. LOCATION Chiapas, Mexico